Is The True Secret To Success Far Simpler Than You Imagine?

Over the years I have read many philosophies and seen many explanations of the secret to success. But I believe that I have found the one important thing which really ensures success.

In fact I would go as to say that this is the truth behind all success and all successful people.

I have read the books and seen the documentary the Secret, I have seen many seminars and talks by success and self-help experts like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, and do you know what the one thing I have learned from them all is?

Success isn’t writing goal cards and reading from them every day... doing that may help keep your mind on your goals and desires but that alone won’t make you successful.

Success isn’t creating vision boards or mind-movies and spending time looking at them getting all super hyped up and emotional… that too won’t make you successful alone.

Success isn’t spending time each and every day sitting in meditation visualising that the future you want to live is happening now. It too may keep your mind focused on what you want but it most certainly won’t make you successful.

Success isn’t spending most of your day repeating positive affirmations or saying things to yourself over and over again in the present tense such as I am a very successful and very wealthy online marketer … or I am making a lot of money from multiple sources on a continuous and daily basis.

None of those things will work, even if you have been told that they will unleash the greatest power of the universe…. The Law of Attraction!


It’s simple...

They will not work because you do not have anything set up to allow those things to happen.

Imagine sitting and visualising that you were driving to London or Manchester but in reality you did not have a car or the means to buy or hire a car. You will never drive a car to a specific destination without there being a car to drive. You need to get a car.

And that’s the point… nothing can happen without having ‘things’ in place which will lead to the desired results.

So the secret to success as I have found it out to be is this…


Plain old fashion action.

All religions focus heavily on it… ‘Reap what you sow’ for example.

Did you know that the word Karma is a sanskrit word meaning action?

Success is basic science 1-0-1… it is ‘cause and effect’. Without a cause there cannot be an effect.

When Jack Canfield, in the documentary-film The Secret, talked about the universe putting everything in place for his book being exposed to the world he forgot to emphasize the fact that he already had the book written and was already doing talks to large groups of people.

He was going from one school to another speaking to teachers discussing the ideas he had written down in his book.

It was no surprise that a report took an interest in him and his book.

He was interviewed...

The book was mentioned...

It became a success.

Would it have happened if he had not written the book and instead spent his time just visualising the book and that lifestyle?

You can only be a success off the back of things you have already done. Results cannot happen before the action.

As the old saying goes, you cannot put the cart before the horse.

Look at the word ATTRACTION… what happens if you take away the word ACTION? You are left with ATTR… which is meaningless.

ACTION is the most important thing for success. If it wasn’t, and success was dependent only on what we wanted or imagined we would all be wealthy rockstars, super-star DJs, famous film stars or even train drivers and astronauts.

You have to take action, start today, write a plan of action and implement it.

Making a workable plan is taking action. Figuring out what to do, how to do it and creating a time scale will bring far more success than merely imagining your way to success… that is if you start to take action on the plan you have created obviously.

If you do not have the funds to build a website… come up with a way to find the money and take action.

If you do not know how to build a website and cannot afford to pay someone to do it for your… find time and take action.

Action is the key. Without action there is no tree to bear fruit. You cannot get the results you want.

JK Rowling still earns millions from the books she wrote several years ago. Not the un written ones still floating around in her imagination.

Paul McCartney still earns hundreds of thousands of pounds if not millions from the music he wrote and produced over fifty years ago. He doesn’t get paid for the ones he has yet to record.

It doesn’t matter if you fail several times at first. Many successful people have failed many times before hitting it big time.

But they did hit it big one day and do you know why?

Because they took action. Simple.

Whatever it is that you want to do and achieve… take action and start today.