Dear friend.

Do you own a website or an online business?

Are you looking for quality content which will make you money?

If the answer to both questions is YES then we have something which you NEED!

If you are an serious internet marketer building an online business or you simply own a blog or website with the intention to make money online then you will need the best content possible.

Substandard content simply will not do!

Mediocre articles will not cut the mustard and they certainly will not make you any money. That we can guarantee.

To make any money online via a website you need to publish content which will have your readers lapping up every word forcing them to return to your website over and over again.

To have your readers sharing your content over social media you will need to give them information that they not only want to read but information they think other people should read.

For people to feel that they want to share your content they need to love it. It must answer their questions and it has to offer up workable solutions to their problems.

Your website content needs to be crammed full with incredible useful information which other websites just don’t offer.

This is obvious… you know it and we know it but the problem is getting your hands on that kind of great content regularly as and when you need it.

Well you could write it yourself but as you will already know… that will take time and trying to churn out quality web content and reports day in day out is hard work.

Especially when you have all of the other jobs to work on too such as manage social media accounts, traffic generation and website maintenance.

Trying to write 5 or more engaging information packed quality articles each month will fry your brain especially if you begin each time from a standing start with a blank screen desperately trying to think up new ideas to write about.

You could outsource your writing to freelance writers who advertise their skills on websites like Upwork or Fiverr but that will cost you an arm and a leg.

The cost of having great content written can actually price you out of building a sustainable business.

Don’t believe us?

Want to see what others are paying for content at the quality level we think you need to run a successful online business?

One popular internet marketer had this to say about the content on his website.

This guy pays between $400 and $1000 for 1000 word articles. As you can see he has spent over $122,000 on content for his blog.

The articles are great but they certainly are not worth that much more compared to the content we will be giving you stored within our content vault.

As a member of his membership website I read the content regularly and I often find quite a few spelling errors. It's really not that superior in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, spelling errors can and will happen even in the best most expensive pieces of written content but it happens more than we think it should for those prices!

We certainly wouldn't consider charging those kind of fees. That doesn’t mean that we can't or won't produce that kind of premium quality content - we do - but that we just don't think it warrants that kind of expensive price tag.

How are new bloggers and website owners going to grow their businesses at those inflated prices?

They can't!

[Let's compare our prices to that of freelance writers on sites like]

Let’s check out the prices of other freelance writers on

This person is supplying a 300 word article with no pictures for £28.77!

Their premium package will give you 5 pages of 300 word content which is 1500 words and that will set you back £127.44!

In US dollars that is 1500 words for the ghastly price of $167.47

That works out at around 11 cents (8 pence) per word!.

Here is another one, slightly cheaper than the previous example but a 1500 word article will still cost you £78 which is 5 pence per word.

In US dollars that is a bank breaking $102 for the article at 10 cents per word!

If you thought those two examples were bad enough get a load of this next one/Now brace yourself for the next example. This guy will supply you with 4 x 1000 word articles for the staggering price of £657! ($864) And this is only his standard package!

Not only does that work out at 16 pence (21 cents) per word it could take up to 29 days for your article to be delivered.

Even worse… a month’s worth of content from this fella will cost you more than a whole year’s worth of our premium web content and you will be at least 116 pieces of content less.

Yes you can argue that his articles are keyword rich but let’s talk about keywords for a minute shall we?

Keywords are not always the magical word sprinkles people think they are. Google frowns upon content which has unnatural keywords peppered throughout it. Google would rather see natural content using natural related wording and in reality/truth no one speaks using manufactured keywords.

The best keywords are those which are organic and born out of the flow of a naturally constructed article.

Also Google does not rank content or websites on keywords alone. Websites are ranked by the quality of it's content, the amount of… and quality of the links which point at them from other websites and the social signals they receive from the large social media platforms amongst other things.

Keywords play a very small part these days and to get that wrong can actually harm your website's chances of ranking. If you harm your chances of ranking then you harm your chances of making money!

Your content needs to be useful to the reader and more importantly it needs to be natural.

There is nothing natural about content which is stuffed with repetitive mechanical sounding keywords.

Google wants to reward websites which offer readers value so they take note of websites which publish regular well written useful information and they penalise those websites which appear spammy. Spammy websites are those which have vague 300 - 500 word articles which are peppered with unnatural sounding keywords.

But what about the search engine bots?

Doesn't your content need to please them?

It's very easy to please bots. Not so long ago 300 word articles stuffed with keywords would have easily have pleased search engine bots but those articles most certainly wouldn’t have please humans and here lies the big problem… isn't the bots which buy products or sign up for email lists!

Your web content needs to please humans and not bots otherwise you do not have an online business.

If you cannot afford to outsource your writing to freelance writers and doing it yourself is not an option... what’s next?

The other alternative is to buy cheap PLR content in bulk which you can use as your own... but that also comes with it’s problems.

Cheap PLR is usually short, vague and filled with spelling errors. In a nutshell… it is effing rubbish... and most certainly will not engage your website visitors enough to have them returning to your website or sharing your content.

Chances are they won’t finish reading the PLR article and will leave your website without any hesitation.

So please be warned…

So you can’t afford to outsource writing and you cannot do it yourself and buying cheap PLR is not an option either...

What you need is a middle way.

You need access to a vault of seriously well written quality content which is constantly being added to by native English speaking writers. A vault that is updated twice a month with 10 or more long skyscraper style articles which you can use as your own in anyway that you choose.

And that is where we come in.

We have the solution to your problem.


And we are ready to give you the keys to the vault and allow you access to all of its riches.

Once you have access to our vault we at Digital Content Planet will supply you with the very best premium quality skyscraper style web content each and every month.  

Written by native English speakers with no maximum word count.

Content which you can use as your own however you wish with full private label rights.

This is private label rights content as you have never seen it before.

Don't be fooled by all of the other mass produced private label rights content out there which is usually nothing more than vague 300 - 500 word fluff and filler content.

Our content is quality premium web content perfect for

  • Email newsletters & broadcasts,
  • Follow-up series
  • Reports,
  • Ebooks
  • Skyscraper blog content,
  • Website content,
  • Article marketing,
  • Membership website content.

The average size of our individual pieces of web content is 1000 words long with many of them already coming with pictures which you can use as your own.

With at least 10 pieces of new quality premium web content being added to the members only vault each month you are getting 10,000 words to work with at a cost of $0.0039 per word!

10 new 1000 word articles per month is 120 pieces of premium web content a year which is 120,000 words.

And remember 10 new pieces of premium web content per month is just the minimum we have set for ourselves. We aim to add more to the vault  bringing the cost per word down even more… for premium grade quality web content!

You will be hard pushed to find content of this quality at this price anywhere else on the web.

If you are still not convinced at how good a deal this is think of this for a minute… it takes on average 2.5 hours to craft a fantastic article including creating any images. 10 articles can take 50 hours to write… and that is the average… it can be longer.... A LOT LONGER!

Either way we are saving you at least 50 hours a month of hard work. Hours that you can use on other aspects of your business like building that important tribe of followers and directing traffic to your website.

Let me be real clear here… 2.5 hours is the average length these articles take to write.

Some articles have taken over 4 hours to complete with the research that is involved, the editing and proofreading which is required as well as creating any images that might be needed.

All of the content within our vault is 100% unique and written from scratch. There is no ‘pinching chunks from here, there or anywhere’.

We research an idea, write a brand new unique article and when it is ready we add it to the vault ready for you to use. They are all 100% ours… and yours!

How does our Premium Web Content compare to other ‘PLR’ providers?

Our content is written by English speaking writers who have a wealth of experience creating content, running membership websites and blogging and who will not add anything into the vault unless they are 100% satisfied with the quality of it.

Our content also comes with images which you can use. Many of the long articles have relevant images to match the content and you are free to use those images along with the content. They are yours to use however you wish.

Why not take a look at our content for yourself with these 5 FREE articles...


You Learn While You Earn!

Another great bonus with our premium web content is that as well as being free to use it as you please to make money you will also learn from it yourself.

What you will have access to within the members area will be the best up to date information in the self help, motivation, internet marketing, social media marketing and making money online niches - for now. (We plan to expand into more niches soon)

These are all complementary niches which work well together. Who hasn’t tried to build a business without being told to change your mindset and to improve on good habits while discarding those which sabotage your efforts and hold you back?

Building a business and making money is not just about handling the dollars. There are a lot of other things at play here and self improvement, motivation, cultivating positive habits and reprogramming mindset are incredibly important to the internet marketer.

These are tools every business owner should have in their tool box and with our content you are going to give it to them… just as we are giving them to you.

Not only will you be able to teach people incredible information using our premium content but you too will learn a lot.

People happily pay a small fortune each month to access membership websites to learn the information we will supply you to use as your own.

Not only can you use it yourself on your own website which will help grow your online business you will learn from it and grow your own knowledge and grow as a person.

We guarantee that you will learn a lot of new and vital information which will help you and your online business.

Struggling To Write This Week's Newsletter?

If you are struggling to think up this weeks newsletter or blog post you will find plenty of content within the vault which you can use without needing to write anything yourself.

Simply have a leisurely browse through the vault, pick an article you like the look of, add it to your email autoresponder and BOOM this weeks newsletter is done!

Within the members only area you will also find useful tutorials showing you how to get the best from the premium content.

There is so much great content available to use you can even make your own unique content by taking chunks from different articles and building your own bespoke content suitable for your own needs at no extra cost.

Many of our articles are affiliate friendly written in a way that will allow you to link to affiliate products earning you money.

We will supply you with premium web content which talk about products and software like Aweber and Siteground which you can add your own unique affiliate links to. Meaning that you don't just have great web content but also you have incredibly powerful mini sales letters which can generate you affiliate commissions.

Imagine visitors reading your review about SiteGround then clicking through your link and purchasing a hosting package generating you commissions!

Using our exceptionally easy traffic light system you can clearly see which of our articles you can add affiliate links too.

To access our ever expanding vault of premium web content will cost you as little as $39.99 a month making each article cost $3.99... less than the price of a takeaway coffee… especially if you love to drink a large cafe latte at $4.15

And if that isn’t enough..

You automatically become an affiliate of ours and so that means…

We offer all our members 50% monthly recurring commissions so if you get just 2 people to sign up and purchase access to our vault through your personal affiliate link you will have paid for your own access making it technically...

Sign up more people and you will be earning money!

Let’s repeat that...

We will SEND YOU MONEY if you sign up new users. It’s that simple!

So joining us can be completely risk free and cost you absolutely nothing if you send us at least 2 new customers..

Isn’t that another good reason to get access to our members only Premium Web Content Vault?


Cancel Anytime - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches


You might ask why we are charging such a low price to access our professionally written premium web content.

Well we were once like you…

...bloggers starting out on a journey desperately trying to make money online in this brave new world called internet marketing.

We were sold on the idea, we were told how cheap it was to get started effectively renting a piece of webspace for a hundred dollars or so for the year.

We learned how to build websites and built what we thought were brilliant websites ready to make money.

That was when it really hit us....

We realised that we needed to add content to our websites. Not just any old content but good quality content people wanted to read.... And lots of it… regularly!

So we started writing and soon discovered how hard it was to craft something really valuable quickly.

It took ages!

And all of that time spent writing content meant that we were not focusing on the other important aspects of building an online business like traffic generation and building up social media following.

We then decided to look into hiring writers to fill our websites with content…


The amount of money people wanted for the kind of writing we wanted was crippling. It would break the bank and skint us before we were even getting started.

There was no way that we could build an online business and make money outsourcing our writing at those prices.

Fortunately for you we decided to stick with it and get stuck in with the writing. It was a real long haul but our perseverance paid off… for you that is!

Why so? You ask.

Well we wrote our butts off until they hurt but do you know what?

We learned so much about writing that we can now craft the best longform skyscraper style premium web content what has website visitors drooling at the mouth AND chomping at the bit.

We know that our content is what you NEED to give your website, blog, email newsletter and online business the edge.

If you are still not sure why you should take full advantage of our incredible offer and ransack our vault for your own gains here is a little reminder of who would benefit from our premium web content...

Writing simply isn’t for everyone. Unless it is a hobby of yours and you really enjoy creating long articles and reports you will find writing a nightmare. If you have no natural desire to write you will find writing hard and boring. That is the truth!

You need to be seriously disciplined to be a writer. If you do not have a natural desire to write or have a notepad crammed full of ideas ready to get started we guarantee you will find that as soon as you open up your blank document you will be surfing Facebook, Twitter or watching funny fail and cute cat videos on YouTube within minutes.

If writing is going to be a chore to you… you will be distracted more than you will be productive!

Even worse is when you hit writer's block…you might be a very disciplined person ready to take on the challenge of writing fantastic long articles which will engage your website visitors but when the time comes to start writing… NOTHING! You hit a complete BLANK!

And what is so bad about that? It can happen a lot of the time and that will rob you of your precious and valuable time!

You will waste a lot of time fiddling with your keyboard and scratching your head searching for inspiration and that will not help your business grow and it will greatly impede your chances of success.

Who isn’t too busy or short on spare time? This is almost most of us. Single, married business owner, employed, with children, without children. We all have different lives but the one main thing we all have in common is that we are all generally too busy and short on spare time.

Trying to balance work, home life and recreational fun is a job in itself. One which many people struggle to do well.

It can take on average 2.5 hours to write a decent sized quality article. If you have never written web content before here is a rough breakdown of what is involved....

 Getting into the mood to write.

Deciding what to write about.

Researching keywords and keyword phrases.

Researching the topic you have chosen.


Reading through and editing the content.


Creating and adding any images.

There is a lot of work involved crafting a quality article and to constantly add quality content to your website is going to be very hard going for someone who is either new to writing or has very little spare time.

Let us do that hard work for you!

We can save you at least 50 hours of hard work each month!

This is pretty self-explanatory. If English is not your native language then you will struggle to build an audience and in the long term a successful online business. We are not saying that you can’t but it will be a lot more difficult if people are struggling to read your web content. They may decide to leave your website quicker than you would like.

Your content does not need to be University style English written by professors which the everyday internet user would struggle to read as that would be just as damaging to your business.

However it does need to be everyday conversational English with a natural flow which often non native English speakers struggle to get right.

As you would have seen above in the examples, paying freelance writers to create your website content can be a very costly affair. So costly in fact that it can eat up all of your budget and price you out of the game before you have really started.

Keeping business and running costs down to a minimum makes perfect business sense. You need to get the most bang for your buck. Keeping your content creation costs down low means that you have more money to invest in your business over a longer time frame giving you a greater chance to make money and succeed.

The more content you add to your blog or website which you share over social media gives you a greater chance to make money meaning that you can invest more into your online business and realise your ambitions and goals.

Without investment and without quality content your online business dreams will be dead in the water… or at the best a very hard long swim to the top.

Using our Premium Web Content you will have the quality content which you need at your fingertips plus you will be left with more money in your pocket to further grow your business.

The kind of quality content you will be able to access for the price we are willing to charge is probably the closest thing you can get to legal theft.

For the incredible price of just $39.99 you are getting access to not only our vault filled with our Premium Web Content but you are also getting ongoing access to us and our creative team of professional writers.

You will get access to the latest and best information just what your website visitors need in easy to read natural flowing articles with an average word count of 1000.

We don’t have a maximum count. We write and only finish once we think the article is ready no matter what the word count is. We aim to have 1000 words as the minimum.

$39.99 a month will hardly touch your wallet or purse let alone dent it… but it can fatten it out with buyers and affiliate commissions once you start to use the content for yourself.

Remember our screenshot of the successful internet marketer who said he had spent over $122,000 on content? He was paying $400-$1000 per 1000 word article. We are creating ten 1000 word articles each month… at least!

At the lowest price of $400 per 1000 words that would cost you $4000!

If you were lucky to find someone willing to write premium quality 1000 word articles at just $100 each that would still burn a $1000 hole in your pocket.

We here at Digital Content Planet are giving away access to our vault full of Premium Web Content for the incredible manageable price of $39.99 per month.

That works out at a FANTASTIC $3.99 per article… please remember that this is not a static vault. New content will be added to it each month.

That figure of $3.99 will become less if we release more than 10 articles each month… which we intend to do!

What are you waiting for?

Give yourself and your business the lead you deserve! (edge?)

Try it for just one month you will personally see how incredibly good value for money our Premium Web Content is.


Cancel Anytime - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches

As well as  the 10 pieces of quality Premium Web Content each month you also get the following bonuses...


Why not use us to your advantage?

  • Let us be your very own creative team.
  • Let us craft the best web content your online business needs.
  • Let us write the best Premium Web Content your readers and email subscribers will love.
  • Let us be your very own secret team of writers giving your online business the edge.

Just to clarify….

It is for your business…

What you can do with our Premium Web Content

  • It can be spun (We rather you didn’t though 🙂 )
  • It can be edited as you like,
  • You can claim that you are the writer and owner when used as your own content,
  • It can be added to free or paid membership websites,
  • It can be packaged or bundled with other products,
  • It can be used as website content,
  • It can be used as email newsletters
  • It can be used for product creation.

It is not to become your business.

To protect your investment Digital Content Planet’s Premium Web Content

  • Does not come with Resale Rights meaning that you can sell it pretending that you wrote it.
  • Does not come with Master Resale Rights meaning that you can sell it as PLR content.
  • Cannot be offered through auction sites,
  • Cannot be sold as or with Private Label Rights,
  • Cannot be sold on any other resale site,
  • Cannot be given away in PLR format of any kind.