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Why Satirical News Websites Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank

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Satirical News Websites Are Viral Content Websites

Cracking The Viral Code

Have you heard of Scott Delong?



… No?… 



…maybe you have heard of the website he built… then sold for $100 million just two short years after starting it.



That website was … ViralNova.



This Guy Was Milking The Internet!



It was rumoured that ViralNova was earning Scott over half a million dollars each month before he sold it for a staggering $100 million to a media company.

Not bad considering the type of website he used can be built within 10 minutes and the content was basically ‘STOLEN’… legally of course!


Scott Delong is a master of Viral Content… he, like many others, has cracked the VIRAL CODE…

To Learn How You Too Can Crack The Viral Code...