Fake News Funnies… Why Satirical News Websites Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank.

You might have seen one or two satirical news posts popping up in your Facebook feed recently. They are very popular and what with the way is today, there is more than enough ammunition for these websites to profit from for a very long time.

The content on satirical news websites is incredibly easy to create and can be quite profitable.

These are cropping up all over the area, especially with the way Brexit is playing out and the current state of the world today.

There are quite a lot of these satirical news websites, for example we have NewsThump, The Onion, Rochdale Herald, and the Rotherham bugle to name a few.

The articles on these types of websites are generally very short, and very easy to write.

The great thing about satirical news websites is that the content is based on the events that are happening today in the news and around the world.

This can be local news, major national and international news and events. Anything can be a target. You will never be short of an idea.

The content itself is very easy to create, you simply think of what's happening around the world with a comical and different twist. Try and look at it from the eyes of a non political person. 

In many ways you can see the hypocrisy of certain events or what politicians have said and create something humorous out of that.

For example, over in the States a guy called Jestin Coler became known as the king of fake news when it was revealed that he and a few friends had several websites which were sharing basically b******* news. The main target at the time was the US election.

He and his friends were writing all kinds of rubbish, and a lot of it wasn't particularly funny either. It was real fake news… if you can call it that. There were disclaimers on their websites stating that none of it was real but people still read it and shared it believing that it was actually real news. 

They challenged themselves to make the most ludicrous and unbelievable post that they could just to see how far they could push.

People bought into the articles because they wanted to believe.

This meant that Justin and his friends, at the height of their popularity, were earning around $30,000 per month from advertising revenue generated from their websites.

I am not saying that you will be earning £30,000 a month by writing satirical or fake news, however there is a big viral power to these kind of articles. Look at how many times these articles get shared.

If you use Facebook, you will no doubt have seen many of your friends and family sharing articles by satirical news websites during the big Brexit debate and other important events that have been happening recently.

The really important thing about this kind of content is that it's very easy to write.

For example, I once wrote an article while sitting on the toilet. I kid you not.  It basically took between 5 and 10 minutes to craft the main bones of the body which I edited later. 

That actual article made money and still makes money today.

I also wrote an article once while out driving by pulling up into a lay-by, getting my phone out and then using the voice recorder to write down the bones of the body which came to me while I was driving. 

Using the free Google Docs app, the phones voice recorder and the Speech to Text app in Google Docs, I was able to talk into my phone and watch the words I spoke appear in the document on the screen.

I wrote the article there and then which again I edited later at home. Within a couple of minutes I created a piece of content which had the potential to make money.

It really is that simple. 

Check Facebook, watch the news, read the papers, get an idea and create. 

Whatever it is that you see happening in the world, pick up your phone, press the app button and start speaking into the phone about such subject throwing in some humour, and you have an article written within 5 possibly 10 minutes... maybe a touch longer.

No matter how long it takes you, you can still have a potential money making article written within a few minutes.

This means that you could write several money making articles a day.

So, is a viral satirical news website for you? 

Could this be the perfect viral website idea that you've been looking for?

Inside the Viral Code members area you have all the information on how to build your very own viral satirical news website.

Keep your eye out for another email as I tell you Adrian’s story and the fun he is having creating his very own satirical news website.

Until then...