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Would You Like To Make Money When You Want, How You Want And From Anywhere In The World? Learn The Viral Code

Are you a school leaver?

Or are you a student at college or University?

Or are you a working person going out each day or night to work a regular or part time job?

Maybe you have more than one job needing more money than one job can give you. Whatever your circumstances are please answer the question below.

Which would you prefer?

A) Travelling around the world relaxing in the most incredible cool places on the planet earning money while you enjoy yourself eating the tastiest local delicacies and drinking the finest local wines, beers and cocktails?


B) Would you rather get up at silly o’clock in the morning 5 days a week to go and spend between 7 and 9 hours at a job doing stuff you don’t really enjoy, often working with people you don’t like in conditions which you would rather not have to tolerate?

It’s an easy question to answer… I can guess what most of - if not all - the answers would be. I guess… no I am more than certain … most people would answer A.

They would rather live life A. Or at least one similar to it. A life free of stress and hard work.

The problem is that for most people, their answer doesn’t actually match their reality. For many, they don’t even think that the first reality is possible for them.

Seriously? Would most people actually have a time sucking day job if they didn’t actually need one? No I don’t think so. People need money. That is why people go to work.

Some people will tell you that they really enjoy their jobs but when you press them deeper they will admit that they wouldn’t go to work if they didn’t actually need to.

Well I am happy to tell you that life A is possible. Well it is for anyone who chooses to live that way. We live in a modern world, a new economy with new opportunities which allow people like you and I to make money when we want, how we want and from anywhere in the world.

For a moment let’s look at the millennials, the young of today, the students and the Uni leavers. Struggling to get their feet on the property ladder, bumming around from one low paid dead end job to another. Probably desperately wanting to throw a backpack on and see the wonders of the world they live in but unable to due to a severe lack of money.

With youth on their side, with so many possible exciting adventures to look forward to and many years ahead of them yet their lives feel empty, void of any excitement with no clear vision of the future due to lack of funds and the burden of big debts.

They - you maybe? - reluctantly forced to work in call centres, coffee shops or offices which promise little future or fulfilment. Hours, even years of a young life stolen to do things a trained monkey could do for nothing more than the minimum wage. Barely making enough to live let alone pay off debts, put away money for a deposit on a house or that all important around the world trip.

Those youngsters who do manage to don a backpack and do a few months travelling will soon end up skint. The lure of partying and doing all the fun things they should do often drowns out the calling of that temporary job they may have taken for yet another bare minimum wage or less.

Often jobs in tourist places like PR reps for bars and restaurants can have such little pay that you need to make commissions to actually earn anything decent which is easier said than done when dealing with either drunk youngsters or more mature holiday makers who hate being pestered.

It won’t be long before they are heading back to good old Blighty, the bank of mum and dad and back to those awful life sucking dead end jobs.

The New World & A New Economy

Well no matter how bleak life seems there is a way for students, the young and the rest of us to take control of our lives. The internet has given us access to so much new stuff, stuff that we now take for granted but which we didn’t have just a few years ago.

And when I say stuff I am talking about opportunities, people, tools, products, information and money. There are people who are making serious bank as the youth of today would say. There are people who are making dollar - another youth saying apparently - while they sleep, while they eat and while they generally have fun.

The internet is the most incredible tool for people young and old for finding time and money freedom.

There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people using the internet to generate fantastic money how and when they want.

People are funding lifestyles others can only dream of. There are many who are travelling the world hopping from one country to another all paid for by the work they do online.

The Story Of Stuart, The Job He Loathed And His Boss Bitch From Hell!

I recently read about one guy called Stuart who loved to travel, it was his passion. After going to Australia with his dad he caught the travelling bug and set off for distance shores as often as he could.

While out on a backpacking trip he ran short of funds and was forced to return home to the UK. To earn some money to fund his next adventure he took a dead end job working for a local company.

If the job wasn't bad enough his boss was awful, she was the boss bitch from hell. She was regularly yelling at him and belittling him in front of the other staff. Usually over stuff he hadn’t done which she had actually forgotten to ask him to do in the first place.

He hated the job. He was depressed 24/7 all because of a dead end job he had to endure for minimum wage.

One time his bitch boss from hell said to him in front of everyone in the office…

“You're useless and you'll never amount to anything. You'll be lucky if you still work here in 6 months time”

Well she was half right. Instead of her firing him, he fired her… you see, Stuart had started to build his online business and was in the process of building websites. He left his job and moved to Thailand taking advantage of the cheaper cost of living to help him build his business faster.

He grew his business to a point that he could do all the travelling he wanted and this is the bit I love about his story…

He would send a postcard of all the exotic places he visited to his old office so that his boss would see.


Maybe but it made him chuckle.

Since leaving that job Stuart has not been in another employed position. He works for himself and has an online business which regularly makes 5 figures each month.

He now travels wherever he wants and when he wants.

Imagine touring around the Mediterranean for several months taking in all of the stunning Spanish, Italian and Greek islands along with the other islands like Malta and Cyprus and the mainlands too.

Imagine not having a 'return home date' instead you move on at your leisure knowing that you only have to go home when you decide to.

What about living further afield in more exotic locations?

Look at the apartment in Thailand above. £188 a month rent with security, furniture, air conditioning, satellite & cable TV, a balcony and use of a communal pool and gym.

I once rented a 1 bedroom apartment in Surrey for £699! My daughter currently rents a 1 bed apartment in Sheffield for £475! Neither of them have access to an outside pool or the kind of weather and lifestyle Thailand has to offer.

Imagine spending six months in Thailand, Vietnam or India renting an apartment and using that as a base to go exploring.

Now imagine doing those things without having to find work while travelling.

I can tell you that it is doable.

I have seen loads of people doing it and I myself have personally seen how incredible lucrative the internet is. I have generated several thousand dollars each month from creating what can only be described as fun and interesting ‘stuff’.

I was using the Viral Code. I was creating content which people enjoyed and when they enjoyed something they would share it which meant that my content was going viral. When things go viral then the people come and so does the money.

Do You Want To Learn The Viral Code?

The Viral Code is a course which I have put together teaching you how to make money using viral content. It is one of the easiest things you can do online and can be one of the most profitable ways to make money online too.

One viral content website sold for $100 million so you can see, there is big money in it.

In the course you get a physical copy of the handbook as well as access to a members only website with over 50 videos showing you step by step how to build profitable viral websites.

There is everything you need to know to get started and to succeed. There is also an online copy of the Viral Code handbook so that if you wish you can get started while you wait for the physical copy to land on your doormat.

If you would like to learn how to make money simply creating fun and interesting content then click the link below to learn more.

The Viral Code

Why Do People Spend Thousands Of Pounds Slowly Killing Themselves But Rarely Invest On Products To Improve Their Lives?

Before you read this please understand that I am not saying that people should not do things which gives them pleasure or that they shouldn’t eat foods which they enjoy once in a while even if they are bad for them but...

...why do people spend thousands of pounds killing themselves but rarely invest in themselves to improve their lives?

I often think about this, maybe I am abnormal but I never understood why a large proportion - maybe the majority - of the population would rather spend money regularly doing stuff that harms them and their lifestyles in the long run instead of investing now and then on things which would improve their lives in one way or another.

People regularly spend money on food - which is a necessity at times - drink, cigarettes and entertainment including subscriptions to things like Sky TV or BT etc.This all adds up and it can add up to a lot. Don’t get me wrong, life is short and you need to enjoy it and it is important that you relax and do fun things. It is great for the mind and soul but excessive pleasures are not always great on the body, the wallet or the lifestyle.

I often see people who talk about not having the money to do this or that, things that they say they really want or want to do. Things which can be beneficial to their health, their wealth and their lifestyle yet they manage to afford the cigarettes they smoke, the nights out in the pub with their buddies followed by the important late night takeaway or the cool looking tattoo.

I know of a 22 year old apprentice who desperately wants to leave his current job which he hates and so I discussed with him about building the important foo fund (Fuck Off Fund) … what did he do about it?

He went out and had a sleeve tattoo done on his arm at a cost of nearly £2k and changed his car to a BMW with a more costly insurance.

So now he is still currently working in the job he hates. He could go and get another job elsewhere doing the same old stuff which he is not enjoying but he cannot afford to invest in a product or course where he can learn new skills, he cannot afford to invest in building a business or afford to leave his job and take time out to learn or try something new from home.

But at least he has that cool looking tattoo and a nice car so the girls and boys can whisper WOWWWWWW as they slowly raise their sunglasses to watch as he cruises by with his tattooed arm hanging out of the window. He is winning at life yes?

I don’t think so.

Why do people spend money on cigarettes or those new vape thingymibobs?

What is the point in those other than wasting your money and damaging your health?

What new skills and knowledge could a person learn with the money which is wasted on cigarettes and vaping?

And what about food?

Food is different to the other excesses and habits because we cannot get away from the fact that we need to eat. But, we do not need to eat as much as we do plus what we eat is generally bad. I don’t eat perfectly healthy all the time myself but I only eat once a day five days a week. I do this because I have studied the health benefits of fasting. I love food but for health reasons I decided to cut down.

At weekends I am a little bit more relaxed and may eat throughout the day but I generally try and eat less.

It’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle choice.  I try and avoid consuming too many sugary foods and bad carbohydrates - not that the pictures above will make you believe 🙂 - but eating less means that I take in less carbs and sugars anyway and it also saves me money which is a bonus.

Fasting and reducing my food intake is very beneficial to me in the long run but how many people have the bad habit of eating constantly throughout the day?

It’s the norm for people to eat three meals a day and graze on snacks throughout the day. This can be very damaging to your health as well as costly especially if they are ladies who lunch popping to a coffee shop every now and then. Have you seen the prices of coffee and cake in those places?

Going to work can also be very costly as you will see in the article here:

How Working Online From Home Can You Save You Money

In that article I talk about one guy who saves himself around £372 by using the works kettle and buying a bag of tea bags instead of using the factory drinks vending machine. That is far more than what it costs to purchase this course which is crammed full with valuable information which if used can earn you more money.

Most of the workforce in that factory buy drinks from the vending machine plus they buy food from the sandwich van lady who calls in the morning.

At £0.20 per drink many of the workers are spending well over £1 a day on drinks. That is at least £20 a month alone. Imagine how much they are spending on food and drink just going to work. Then add that to the food they eat at home. The takeaways people eat regularly, the alcohol they drink and the snacks they consume.

People spend a fortune on food and drink which maybe is very tasty and enjoyable but it can be very damaging to health if done excessively.

Obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer and what causes obesity?


(Yes these are my pics of food I have eaten, I am not completely boring 🙂 )

Eating too much food or eating bad foods regularly will cause you to put on the pounds… do both and... well... you are on a rocket ship ride to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and brain diseases like Alzheimer's.

People eat out regularly, they will have takeaways delivered several times a month sometimes several times a week and they will snack on all kinds of sweets and biscuits throughout each day not batting an eyelid at the cost.

On a recent TV show called Eat, Shop & Save one couple were told by an expert who had calculated their takeaway food spend for the last five years that they had spent £15,000 on takeaway junk food.

What was even worse is that their daughter had special needs and needed a new all terrain wheelchair which had a price tag of £800. The reason they hadn't bought one was that they couldn't afford one... or so they thought.

After 8 weeks of avoiding takeaway food they had saved £600. Another couple of weeks of saving and they would be able to buy that needed wheel chair. It so happens that because they did so well implementing beneficial life changes the TV company actually bought them the wheelchair.

As the previous example shows, people willingly spend a small fortune on rubbish which only offers up short term taste pleasure but ask them to invest in themselves, in their knowledge or in their future for long term lifestyle benefits and they will probably tell you that they cannot afford it.

This is just crazy!

I simply do not understand people sometimes.

Win Yourself A FOO Fund And Win Yourself Free

A lot of people do things like lotteries and competitions to try and win life changing amounts of money because they do not want to continue living the lives they are living or work the jobs they are working but they do not stop smoking the money sapping, health destroying cigarettes or cut down on the costly foods and drinks which could aid them to escape the life or job they so want to change!


Alco-frolic Drinks

I dread to think what some people spend on alcohol each month.

I spoke to a friend recently who told me that when he goes out he can easily spend over £100 a night. I nearly choked on my beer when he told me… I too like to drink beer now and then but I certainly wouldn’t spend that amount of money on alcohol… forget wouldn’t… I probably couldn’t if I tried!

Maybe people need to ask themselves what it is that they really want from life and also workout how much money and time they spend on non essentials and excessive behaviour.

Saying that you want to change your life, that you want more money and live a different lifestyle is one thing, but actually taking steps to make it happen is another.

I love this saying … "The distance between your dreams and reality is called action."

Action determines the life you live, action determines the results you get. If you keep doing the same old thing over and over you will keep getting the same old results.

If you spend £100 a month on doing stuff which is detrimental to your health or lifestyle in the long term them maybe you can afford to reduce that by £40 - £50 a month and invest that money on something which will improve your life and situation. Your health and well being will probably thank you too as you get a bit healthier… or less damaged at least.

Binge Watching TV and Box Sets

I know that people work hard in their day/night jobs and I understand that they want some relief and chill time. After all they have spent roughly 8 hours at a job they probably wouldn’t do if they didn’t need the money but bingeing on TV shows, films and box sets over the weekend and evenings is not going to help change people’s circumstances.

If anything it can make things worse.

How much time each week do you waste watching mind numbing or simple entertaining TV? What do you benefit from it? A few hours of escapism and titillation maybe. But you haven’t really escaped your current situation.

If circumstances are what you want to change then you need to do something which will actually help make those changes. Changes very rarely happen without some new course of action being implemented.

This is all so very obvious and everyone knows it. You might even think that I am offending your intelligence with this article of obvious observations but the strange thing is that no matter how much people know it… they never actually really know it, if they do they certainly don’t think about it often or put that knowledge to good use.

"I can’t afford this… I can’t afford that… I don’t have the time to do that… I don’t have any spare time to do this…"

Those are some of the most common excuses you will hear from most people.

Some people do have physical disabilities which increase time and energy limitations making it more difficult for them to work compared to others but even then most people could find a spare hour or a spare few pounds if they really needed it.

If most people shuffled a few habits around and dropped a few things from their weekly schedules they could easily find a few spare hours and some spare money to invest in themselves. It really isn’t that hard.

Unfortunately many people won’t. They prefer to moan and groan about how hard life is and how life doesn’t give them a break. They will justify spending money on unnecessary expensive food & drink and give reasons as to why they need to spend a lot of time time ‘chilling’ on the sofa in front of the telly.

“To change your life…. You need to change your life.”

I just hope that you reading this now are not one of them. Be mindful of what you do and what you spend your money on.

If you really want to change your life for the better, build a business or learn new skills then you need to prioritise what is really important to you and make lifestyle changes to make it happen.

I don't want to be a nag but I'm sorry to say it won’t happen any other way.