Amazon Account John Reply

Hi John.

Yes I know a little, I have an Amazon affiliate account. I also have books on Amazon's Kindle Store but not a FBA account. I think there are several different kinds of accounts.

Amazon do not pay out a huge percentage but you can sell one or two items. You could publish your Big Buttock Tattoo book as both a kindle ebook and as a physical book on Amazon and sell that via the Bugle, but author commissions are low and so are affiliate commissions.

Did I read that correctly, you once sold a course on writing comedy?

Maybe it is time to dust it off and update it for a new audience.

I could maybe update it if requires it and sell it as a course via the Bugle... maybe offer a free report/book on writing comedy in exchange for their email details then sell the course as an online course. don't forget, I recently created a free report called Fake News Funnies... Why Satirical News Websites Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank as part of a give away for an updated and improved Viral Code.

I haven't done anything with it due to time etc but it is there and can be used to draw people who may be receptive to your comedy writing course and the VC.

The two kinda go hand in hand.

The problem for me with Amazon is that the pay is low so Amazon affiliates who make good money selling Amazon products tend to focus on high end products such as electrical items. Selling a few £599 items a week pays better than selling a few £5.99 items.

These guys usually have websites with a lot of traffic or build niche based sniper sites focusing on keyword searches where a set amount of people search Google for a specific product or service using a specific set of keywords which have very little competition giving them plenty of free search engine traffic.

Something I am testing with this website but I fear that the competition is greater than I anticipated on the first page of Google. I plan to fill the website with 10-20 long articles, add AdSense if Google are happy with the site and then add more articles every now and then and monitor whether I get much free traffic. I have a list of relevant keywords to target.

I personally would try and sell your own product via Bugle, I would say that there is more money in it. But if you want to test it for another product idea then yes, it can be done. We have sold items with Amazon on Barmy Pets but it's not easy.

You could give away a free copy of your Big Buttock Tattoo book where people pay only the shipping costs and before people pay offer them a second copy also free but part of the deal is that they subscribe to (something relevant) for £5 a month like a newsletter.

To learn more about that here is a video of a webinar  which you will find interesting, I don't expect you to watch it all. Watch from the 48th minute for about 8-10 minutes and you will understand what this guy does.

But to answer your original question, I do know a little bit about Amazon affiliate, I do have an account (or at least I did) and I can set another one up for you but the payout is usually crap and you only get paid if people from certain countries buy that product. Anyone who buys through your link but is in a country not on the list, you won't earn anything.