The Viral Secret To Making Thousands Of Pounds Extra For Everyday Folks Like You And I ...   

How You Can Make An Effortless £150 Or More A Day Using The Secret Viral Code...

...By Legally Stealing Other People's Ideas And Work.   

Dear friend, 

Imagine checking your phone each morning and seeing that you had made money overnight… while you were asleep...

without having to sell a single product, buy any shares or place bets on sports… which can go against you… and frequently do!

Well, that is what happens everyday to a small select group of people.

Myself included.

Every night these people go to bed, they sleep and they wake up in the morning with more money than they went to bed with. 

It doesn’t end there either. 

They continue to make money throughout their day. 

Even if they are lounging around the garden sipping cold beers or cocktails in the sun… or out having a leisurely drive in the car… or simply sprawled out on the sofa in their undercrackers watching mind numbing TV.  

Whatever it is that they are doing, they still make money.

And as mentioned earlier… 

… they do not sell anything!

Is This Your Perfect Working Day?

Imagine working from home…

… no job to go to and no boss watching over you, scrutinising your every move.  

No alarm clock going off at some ungodly hour each morning, getting you up an hour earlier than necessary just so you can get ready to go to work - time which you do not get paid for.

No more long tiresome commutes, being stuck in traffic or fighting with people jostling to get onto crowded trains or buses... crammed in like cattle on the way to market.


… you get up when you want, you work when you want and where you want.

One day you may decide to work from the comfort of your own home while relaxing to music, and the next you may decide to work from the local coffee shop while enjoying a large wet coconut milk cappuccino with a side of lemon drizzle cake… a particular favourite of mine.


… you decide to hop on a plane, fly off to warmer climes and work on a beach or a terrace overlooking the shimmering sea while enjoying a smooth cool fruit juice…

...umbrella in the glass is optional.

This is the ideal job for those who wish to travel the world without having to fund the trip by picking fruit under the unbearable heat while keeping an eye out for poisonous snakes and spiders, or running around waiting on people in hot and noisy - often very smoky - bars and restaurants.

The work itself is nothing special…

5 minutes here, 5 minutes there… maybe an hour or two….

… but nothing which is going to be too demanding…

… not like a real job!

As long as you have internet access you can work from anywhere in the world. 

I Don’t Buy Anything And I Don’t Sell Anything...

...nor do I provide a service - not in the traditional sense. 

Yet month after month I - like many others - have money drop into my bank account….

… and it is thanks to people sharing funny, interesting content and useful ideas I find online.

It costs me nothing to find or share… and it costs me nothing when other people share it…

but it does make me money!

And I am not alone in this…

There is a small number of us, quietly and secretly sucking money out of the internet by doing what the majority of the human population - well those that are online at least - do daily for free.

… And It’s Something Which You Already Do… But Don’t Get Paid For!

Have you ever shared a post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms?

You know the ones… they contain a joke, a funny picture, a video or even an interesting article.

Well those posts, which can go viral, quickly spreading to thousands and then millions of people… are very often making a lot of money for a small number of individuals.

You see, when something goes viral, it can send a lot of people to a specific destination… in turn generating money.

You probably wasn’t aware of these three things:

  • Someone somewhere is making a fortune when you and others share their content for them.
  • Most of the stuff shared on social media is made by people like you and I. Ordinary people with absolute zero special skills, knowledge or talent using nothing more than a phone, a tablet or a laptop. (Wait until I share Adrian’s story with you!)
  • One very simple viral idea can give you a residual income for months… sometimes years!

More importantly… you do not need to come up with the ideas yourself… you just need to find and borrow them!

Remember… these people are making money from the content that you and many others share for them for FREE!

Isn’t It Time You Made Money Doing It Too?

If you are like me… or like most of the online world… you spend a lot of your time browsing social media, Liking and Sharing the stuff which you like, find funny or find interesting.

Isn’t it time that you started to make money from this enjoyable daily habit?

Join the Viral Code tribe...

There is a growing band of home-based entrepreneurs building simple websites crammed full of money sucking viral content. 

Websites... which are so easy to build that your granny could probably build one in an afternoon

… you on the other hand should be able to build one in a matter of minutes… an hour tops.

I know this to be true because I can knock up a simple website from scratch in less than ten minutes… if not quicker.

But more on that later…

… let me show you some real examples of popular viral websites and the kind of money they have made.

People Who Have Cracked The Viral Code

Have you heard of Scott Delong? … No?... 

...maybe you have heard of the website he built... then sold for $100 million... just two short years after starting it.

That website was … ViralNova.

Milking The Internet!

It was rumoured that ViralNova was earning Scott over half a million dollars each month before he sold it for a staggering $100 million to a media company.

Scott had cracked the Viral Code...

The viral content on ViralNova which was being shared across social media by other people... was being sourced from other websites… he wasn’t making anything unique or anything new…

… and yet he was raking in thousands via this content which was on his website.

Now that is an exceptional story… not all viral content websites make that kind of money… but would you turn down a fraction of that?

Even if you just earned a few thousand without having to leave the house to go and work a job... that would be fantastic...right? 

Less work... more free time... and money coming in as you sleep.

… sounds good to me!

This is no mere dream… with the Viral Code it is possible.

Another master of the Viral Code is Jestin Coler… during the US elections Jestin was sharing satirical news style stories. 

Jestin became known as...

...The king of Fake News.

He and a few friends were creating the content themselves around working their day jobs. 

At the peak of the election Jestin’s sites were making around $30,000 per month.

To put it bluntly… Jestin and his friends were making bucket loads of cash selling BULLS*** to anyone gullible enough to believe it… even when his websites clearly stated that it was satire and nothing was true.

Yet, a lot of his material went viral making him a lot of money.

This brings me around to Adrian… 

How One Man Makes Money With Mobile Phone Alone

I mentioned earlier that I would share his story… now, his story is many miles away from Scott’s and Jestin’s but what I wanted to tell you about is how he creates his own unique viral content and how easy it really is....

...should you wish to create your own that is.

Just like Jestin, Adrian runs a satirical news website... 

and … you’ll love this…

he creates most of his content on his phone while at work.

He is a lathe operator in a factory… he sets the lathe up, loads in the material then sets it to work. 

While the lathe works on autopilot he only has to monitor it which basically means standing around with his hands in his pockets doing nothing more than daydream or filling in a crossword puzzle.

Nothing bad can happen as the machine is protected with all kinds of fail safe systems and programmes…

... Adrian has nothing to do until the work is complete, then he either loads in more material or sets up a new programme.

Since starting his own viral content website he no longer stands around daydreaming or doing puzzles... instead he whips out his smartphone, opens up Google Docs - a free software available from Google - and starts writing content for his website. 

It's that easy!

How hard is it to write articles on your phone? 

I am sure you can do that… but it gets better...

… to make it even more easy… a lot of the writing he does is actually done by talking!

Using the mic on his phone and the speech to text application in Google Docs… Adrian sits and speaks into his phone writing his content… it takes less than 5 minutes for him to write a funny satirical news piece.

Once again… 

It's that easy!

He calls it his… ‘penny for your thoughts’ project. 

… he used to stand around daydreaming… now he is turning those thoughts into pennies… …well pounds to be more precise.

But there is more…

Adrian messaged me the other day while on a family holiday in Florida… he told me that he had written 4 new articles for his website...

...Using Nothing More Than Just His Phone!

While he was having down time, presumably while the rest of his family were getting ready to go out or were asleep, he sat in the comfort of a large hotel chair enjoying a cold drink crafting up new money making content. 

I know that he wrote one article while queuing for a ride at a theme park.

“Firstly, Andi has opened my eyes to a whole new world. One I had no idea existed. He showed me how to build and run my own website, which is not as hard as I thought. I now know how to make money online by creating and sharing my own viral content using nothing more than my phone. 

I cannot thank him enough for his time, his knowledge and his help.” - Adrian Charlesworth

How I ‘Spent A Penny’ And Made Pounds!

Yeah, I know that sounds gross but, the truth is that while sitting on the toilet, I used my phone to create a small fun article which was later added to a website and then shared across social media. 

That content made me money

Under 400 words long and completely made up, the article made me £20 within 48 hours. Not a lot you may say, but here are some important facts to consider… 

  • It took me just a few minutes to create.
  • It took me just a few minutes to add to the website.
  • It took me less than 5 minutes to share across social media. 
  • Less than 15 minutes work... it generated money throughout the rest of the day no matter what I did. (You would need to work over 2 hours at a ‘real’ job to earn that money)
  • It is still making me money many weeks later. 
  • It will continue to make me money for many years to come.
  • It is only one of the articles which were published that week and the weeks to follow.

Going to the loo is usually considered as lost time but I utilised it to write a piece of simple viral content which instantly made me money.

It really isn’t that hard to make interesting viral content… not with modern mobile phones… they are great for creating many forms of content.

...and while I am on the subject of mobile phones...

...what does every modern mobile phone have as standard? 

That's right... a camera.

But not just any old camera… these mobile phone cameras are far superior to the most sought after quality digital cameras of just a few short years ago.

The pictures you can capture on a phone are stunning high definition pictures, just perfect for web content.

But they don’t need to be that perfect to become part of interesting money making viral content.

Writing might not be your thing, and it doesn't have to be...

Your content can be a collection of cool photos.

A mobile phone allows you to point and click anywhere at any time amassing thousands of photos, many of which will be perfect for viral content.

There are many different types of content which you can make from the comfort of your sofa using your phone. You could work a day or two, schedule posts to go live and have a few days off. 

Fund A Dream Trip Around The World Using The Viral Code

The Viral Code is ideal for anyone wanting to travel the world and live the backpackers around the world lifestyle.

Simply log onto the internet, do a few easy tasks then carry on with your travelling. 

I remember once being on a bus on Mallorca going to Palma for the day. While the bus trundled along the road I was on my phone sharing old viral content across social media.

I knew that while we were in Palma we would no doubt be stopping to sample coffee and cake, a popular pastime on Mallorca, and with me being a tight so and so - I hate having to part with money unless I really need to - I thought it was best to generate some extra food funds

Understanding the Viral Code can offer you the freedom to travelWITHOUT THE FEAR of having to find part time jobs to earn some cash…

...working abroad can actually be deadly…

I remember once being told by a friend who worked his way across Australia picking fruit how he was nearly bitten by a large King Brown snake which was slithering its way through the field.

He nearly trod on it! 

Those things are deadly… get bitten by one of those and not receive immediate medical attention… it can be Goodnight World!

I don’t know about you, but that is not my idea of a dream trip around the world!!!

Working in wide open fields under a scorching sun while all the time having to keep my eyes peeled for dangerous venomous snakes and spiders… all for a bit of survival money.

You are literally risking life just to survive.

No thank you, that’s not for me. 

I would rather be sat in a cool temperature controlled coffee shop sharing my viral content across social media while sipping on a large coffee munching on a slice of delicious cake or a toasted panini.

Introducing The New & Improved Viral Code... Updated For 2019

In the new and improved Viral Code I will show you how to create the best types of cash generating viral content as well as…

  • How to build your own viral content website in just four minutes that social media junkies will love.
  • How to build a portfolio of simple to make money sites which will build into a money making empire.
  • How to build a website to sell for profit. One website recently sold for $15,000 and it was a site featuring parrot cage reviews and nothing more… reckon you could come up with something more interesting or more profitable?

When I first started building my own viral websites in 2014 I watched as £30 a month income turned to £30 a week then into £100’s per day as my content began to go viral.

In that first year I went from scratch to making £40,000 from a couple of viral content websites... I worked on in my spare time.

I still earn money from content I wrote all those years ago.

Once your content is live online it can still be accessed many years later and it can still generate you money to this day.

I have old content which I call my coffee and cake fund creator… they pay for the excessive amounts of trips to coffee shops that I and the good lady make.

I have put everything I know - and continue to learn to this day - about this fascinating and money-making goldmine into a special members only course. 

You will get access to a ground-breaking manual and over 50 easy to digest bite sized video tutorials teaching you everything you need to know about viral content that makes money:

  • The key behind creating lucrative viral websites, and why they work.
  • The best types of viral content, and which is the most ‘contagious’.
  • How to build your very own niche website from scratch… it takes as little as four minutes to have a site built and primed for profit.
  • How to create a fun viral website using other people’s content.
  • How to create posts and articles that people will feel compelled to share.
  • How to spot the videos that will go viral and make thousands of pounds.
  • Where to find content you can legally steal, adapt and share for big profits.
  • How to create a satirical news site that just grows and grows.
  • How to create content using nothing more than your smart phone.
  • How to get £4 back for every 0.50p invested… year after year after year.
  • How to become a Digital Landlord renting out online property with a yearly yield of 500%... and more! (More On This Later…)
  • How to make money selling other people’s products from your viral content website in a few simple clicks... which takes less than 5 minutes to implement.

Anyone Can Do This…

Take Martin for example... Martin is a guy who, just a couple of years ago, was unemployed and living on benefits and government handouts. 

Disillusioned with life, the state of politics and his own situation in life, he started his own news viral website raging against the government and sticking it to the man.

Despite having no ‘techy’ knowledge of how to build or run a website, and not having written a word about anything since leaving school, Martin quickly built up a large following of people who loved and shared his posts.

Within a few months Martin had taken himself off state handouts and benefits as he was making over £2,500 a month… all from his easy to manage viral website.

If He Can Do It, So Can You!

Martin had to figure out everything himself from scratch, imagine how much better prepared you would be with the benefit of our experience and knowledge behind you.

The online manual and the 50 plus videos which make up the formal part of the course are just the beginning. We’ll be on hand via email and social media to help you every step of the way as you start creating your own viral content and share it with the world.

You will learn everything I know, I shall share with you everything. You will know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Here are just some of the things I’m going to teach you:

  • How you too can build your own website using WordPress, and in just 4 minutes!
  • How to choose the best viral-tastic name for your site.
  • How to build a Facebook page crammed with followers waiting to see your latest posts.
  • How to set up a cash-generating Twitter account.
  • How to turn Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram into money mines.
  • How to build a valuable saleable asset… or a cash cow that keeps on paying… even if you stop working on it.
  • How to build a portfolio of valuable online properties and become a digital landlord earning rent from digital tenants.

Plus you will learn all of the boring technical stuff (which is sooooooo ridiculously easy when you know how - and you will know how) like hosting, widgets, plugins, Share and Like buttons, and email autoresponders.

Don’t Forget…

… you can get your basic website up and running in under 4 minutes!

The great thing about a viral content site is that once you are all set up, it pretty much runs on autopilot - generating cash for you when you’re at work, at the gym, in the pub, on holiday, relaxing in front of the TV or when you are in bed.

Yes, even when you are sleeping!

The first thing I check in the morning is my phone app to see what I have made over night.

Once the viral content is ‘live’ on your website, it can still generate money for years to come as long as people keep sharing it…

You do something once, and it just keeps paying!

And all you have to do is add additional income streams by creating more viral content using the methods I show you inside the Viral Code.

You have learned a lot already about profitable viral content but I want to sum up in a nutshell what you’ll learn in the Viral Code…

1. How to build websites which will be the ‘home’ for your viral content.

A lot of people still think that building your own website is a big and difficult job, something which should be left to the experts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

WordPress have made it ridiculously easy for anyone without any experience to build their own websites using a super simple plug and play template system.

It really is like painting by numbers, but without the mess. I’ll show you how to build a simple website in four minutes or less.

If you have always wanted to build your own website, but thought it was too difficult or complicated, prepare to be amazed!

It really cannot be any quicker or easier.

2. How to find, create and generate content that will go viral online.

I will show you how to come up with great ideas for fantastic viral content yourself, or you can steal other people’s ideas - legally.

If I am completely honest with you, that is what I, and many other viral content website owners have done mostly. It’s quicker, easier and anyone can do it.

3. How to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get other people to share your content for you to make it go viral.

This is the key really. Don’t worry if you don’t have any social media accounts yet. They are super simple to create and I will show you how to have them all set up in a couple of hours.

They’re the gateway to tens of millions of people worldwide who can visit your website and help spread your viral content.

By now you are probably wondering how you make money with a Viral Content website…

As a Viral Content Website owner... you get paid in a number of exciting ways…

Advertising Revenue

You will become a Digital Landlord (more on this later...) and will be paid rent by companies like Google and Conten.Ad for allowing them to show their adverts on your website.

These adverts will be placed strategically in and around your viral content for maximum rental returns. 

The more adverts which are shown on your website, the more money you will make.

When visitors interact with any of the advertising on your website you get paid more.

Product Sales From Your Website

As a Digital Landlord you are building an audience with your viral content. An audience which advertisers can exploit and it is an audience which you too can exploit by directly offering them products on your website.

Products they may like such as T-Shirts. 

I shall show you how to link up with online T-Shirt companies - amongst others - who will pay you a large slice of any T-Shirt sales made via your website without you having to take any orders, produce, pack or dispatch a single shirt.

Everything is done for you. 

All you need to do is offer them the advertising space on your website. I will show you how to add products to your websites in a few clicks of the mouse taking no longer than just a few minutes.

In June 2016, two guys from Sheffield set up a Facebook page to share their Vegan cooking recipes. Their posts started to go viral and within 18 months they had well in excess of a million people following them on Facebook. In April 2018, they published a Vegan cookbook which became the fastest selling vegan cookbook in history…

And it was all on the back of the viral content they created, which in turn brought them followers….which in turn brought them a wall of cash flooding into their bank account.

The opportunity to do this for yourself is at your fingertips.

Product Sales From Email Marketing

Once you’ve built your audience, you don’t have to wait for them to come back to your site before you can sell to them again. Email marketing is a huge opportunity to cash in on the audience you’ve created through your viral content.

I’ll show you how to do this. Get it right and you can literally make… a fortune!

We’ve put everything you need to know about making money from viral websites in a new insider course you can learn from, right from your computer screen. The Viral Code is brand new and nobody has seen it before today. You are one of the very first people to hear about it…

And I’m going to let you have a copy for next to nothing!

If that isn’t enough… read on!

Selling Sites For Big Profits

I mentioned before that Scott DeLong’s website ViralNova was sold for a staggering $100 million ... his was an exceptional story.


He was neither the first or only viral website online at that time and he won’t be the last, yet he sold his website for an incredible amount of money.

There are people who have swapped their day jobs to work from home to build websites... just to sell for HUGE PROFITS.

They build simple websites using the same system which you will learn in the Viral Code... 

... they make them profitable and then list them on selling websites like

Website flippers, as they are known, can make a lot of money building and selling websites.

The best thing about this is… it isn’t hard work... It really isn't.

Not compared to fitting an hour check fire door on your own after having to carry it up several floors... I should know... I spent several years working as a joiner on building projects and believe me... that can be very hard, dirty and tiring work.

In comparison... building a profitable website is a doddle!

As part of the Viral Code you will receive my proven checklists and plans which I use when building a new website.

By following a specially designed plan and checklist you can build a website with ease. The thinking is done for you!

All you need to do is follow the plan and tick off the tasks on the checklist and you are on your way to building potentially profitable websites.

Will I Get Rich Doing This?

Yes, No and Maybe...

That depends on how you perceive what ‘being rich’ is… for some people being rich is being able to live a wonderful and comfortable life where you can... 

  • Comfortably pay all of your living expenses each month.
  • Have money in the bank to take away any stress and strains of modern life.
  • Enjoy spending time with friends and family.
  • Travel regularly.
  • Enjoy doing the things you love to do … when you want to do them. 
  • Work when and where you want.
  • Have plenty of money spare each month to spend on yourself and those closest to you. 

All without being tied to a day job working for someone else.

You certainly can make a lot of money using The Viral Code… but I wouldn’t go out and buy that Porsche or Lamborghini just yet … I can't guarantee you will become rich fast because there are so many variables which will determine the amount of money you can make.

But remember...

Scott Delong made six figures most months and sold ViralNova for $100 million... but he worked at least 16 hours each day with little distraction to get to that stage… could you do that? … Would you want to do that?

Tristen Coler was making around $30,000 each month… but he created content which you and I would feel uncomfortable sharing. He tapped into the insecurities and fears of a vulnerable society and exploited it… could you do that? … Would you want to do that?

You can make a lot of money with viral content but it does depend on…

  • How much time and effort you are willing to put into it. (This doesn’t have to be forever though)
  • What niches you focus on.
  • The kind of content you create.
  • The quality of content you share.
  • Where you share your content.

Learning the Viral Code will open up many more doors for you.

Not only will you know how to create a portfolio of money making websites of your own, or how to create viral content which can suck money out of the cyber air but you will be left with a set of skills which you can profit from and take with you anywhere in the world.

With the new set of skills you will learn you will be able to build simple websites for local businesses and charge them far more than what you will pay for this course.

You will have skills which could earn you more than just creating your own viral content… if you wanted to.

Why Not Become A Digital Landlord And Own A Portfolio Of Online Rental Properties?

Offline rental property - such as a house with tenants - with an annual yearly yield of 8-10% is considered good… anything over 10% is exceptional.

Online rental properties can have yearly yields and rental returns of 500% and morea lot more.

And unlike traditional brick and mortar property which can cost thousands to buy, possibly hundreds of thousands and maybe requiring a mortgage… online property can cost pennies in comparison but can be sold for thousands of pounds after just a short period of time… if done correctly.

Being a Digital Landlord means that have more control over your property… there are no laws meaning that you need pussyfoot around nightmare tenants who stop paying the rent.

What’s more…

  • You do not need to worry about costly maintenance like replacing boilers.
  • You do not have large monthly mortgage or insurance payments to worry about.
  • You do not have to worry about tenants not paying rent.
  • You do not have to worry about tenants wrecking the place or the cost to put right any damage.
  • You do not need to go to court or send in the bailiffs to remove people.

The mess below was left by tenants at a rental property. It cost the landlord a lot in time and money to put right the damage left by the tenants. 

This is something which cannot happen when you own an online property.

With the Viral Code, if something is not working or earning you money… you simply remove it and replace it with something which does.


As a special bonus and as a thank you if you do decide to join us here inside the Viral Code... I will pay you £25 whenever anyone buys access to the Viral Code through your own affiliate advert... which I will give to you to place on your own viral website.

Any sales which are made through the advert which has been specifically assigned to you will result in YOU MAKING MONEY!

But that’s not all…

I want to give you a special deal on the Viral Code…


Well I have two reasons...

Firstly I want to thank you for putting your trust in me to show you how to build a profitable viral content website… and the second reason is a bit more self-serving for me!

I Need YOU!

You see, I want to build a network of people creating and sharing viral content. Once you start creating viral content, it is going to help you if you have other Viral Code Insiders who will ‘get the ball rolling’ by sharing your content to their subscribers and followers.

Does that make sense?

The more people we have inside our secret Viral Code network with their own sites and followers, the greater the number of people we can all access immediately to share our content… and the more money we will all make.


So here’s the deal…

If you agree to share at least 6 viral posts from others in our network each week (once you’re up and running of course) you can have access to the full Viral Code Programme, including The Viral Code Handbook, all 53 video’s,  regular video updates, and access to unlimited help, advice and support for just £297. 

That is a saving of £500 on the price it was 'suggested' that I should sell it for.

But... I decided that I wanted to help people get started building a profitable online website... all I asked in return for keeping the price low was that they shared a few posts of other Viral Code Insiders once they were up and running.

It’s a win-win- for all concerned.

Oh Yeah… Almost Forgot! 

This Is A 100% Risk Free Purchase

Let’s keep it simple shall we?

Quite frankly, the only way you won’t make money with this is if you don’t take action! But the guarantee is there for you just in case.

To become a Viral Code Insider and get access to…

- The Viral Code Handbook

- 53 Video’s for you to view online

- Regular video updates

- Ongoing unlimited help advice and support

...on approval and without obligation

Click Here

Or call our 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819

Either way, you can be up and running and on the path to making money within hours of receiving the package and putting it to work.

Order your copy of the programme now, while you’re thinking about it.

I don't know how long I shall keep it at the incredibly low price of £297. I may decide to raise it to £597 or maybe the 'suggested' £797… what you will learn inside the Viral Code is worth far more than the £297 asking price. 

Building just one website alone will earn you the money back… either in advertising revenue… for a client… or selling a pre-built one to a buyer… as long as you follow the steps laid out in The Viral Code.

Don't miss out before I decide to put the price up soon.

Kind Regards,





Andi Leeman

Creator – The Viral Code

P.S - You don’t need to know anything about social media or websites to make money from this. The programme will tell you everything you need to know.

PPS - You can have your first website set up and primed for profit, in 4 minutes or less!

PPPS - The first 200 people to purchase will also get access to my bonus video training Patreon Profits - How To Build Your Own Membership Website For FREE Without Any Technical Knowledge Whatsoever! ... The information in this video training alone is worth at least £47.


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